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Sorry, what was that?

April 13, 2014


Been working on Winterreise. Am I crazy? Am I mega daunted? Yes and yes. Always been a dream of mine.— Adrianne Pieczonka (@vatosca) April 13, 2014 HEL-LO WORLD. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Things you learn from the program inserts

March 6, 2014


Brian Current's opera Airline Icarus will be staged by Tim Albery and performed June 3-8

Opera and film – still not talking?

June 28, 2013


I recently had an interesting conversation with filmmaker Paola Marino about establishing connections between opera and film – always an uneasy marriage, but also one full of potential. Her new short, Dalila, screens on July 1 as part of the Italian Contemporary Film Festival.

Love, marriage, text messaging and all that Mozart

May 31, 2013


Figaro's Wedding -- WA Mozart. The original libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte translated and adapted by Joel Ivany. Score adapted for the piano quintet by the music director + pianist in the show, Christopher Mokrzewski. Stage director Joel Ivany. June 2nd is the last show.

A different Winterreise

April 20, 2013


Here's a chance to take part in the creation of a theatrical work: on May 4, an ad-hoc collective of artists the Winterreise Projekt wants you to join them in the conceiving of the staging of Schubert's Winterreise

Against The Grain does Kurtág and Janáček

March 2, 2013


Jacqueline Woodley is fantastic in Kurtág's Kafka-Fragments, and had an equal partner in violinist Kerry DuWors. It's one of the longest works by Kurtág, almost an hour straight, consisting of epigrams and bits of correspondence and diaries that Kafka left behind, sparsely accompanied by one violin. It's an extraordinary work, recordings and performances of which are always deserving of our attention. The instrument is not as much accompanying as doing its own thing against the voice. This tug-of-war only rarely subsides into mutual toleration. The text fragments are enigmatic and moving throughout. Kafka speaks through a woman's voice, which pleasantly complexifies things. ("We are all Kafka", told me a lady I met at the intermission. She has a point. Had the work been written for a dude, it would have been a lesser work.)

Miriam Margolyes as Dickens’ women (and a man or two)

December 22, 2012


The ever so fabulous Miriam Margolyes was in Toronto last week, for the next-to-last North American stop of the tour of her play Dickens' Women.

The COC Ensemble Competition, Year Two

November 29, 2012


We heard the ten singers, the awards have been given, but here's my alternative tally for the night.

Suzie LeBlanc and Robert Kortgaard Recital Series ‘Tis the last rose of summer’

October 25, 2012


Soprano Suzie LeBlanc is currently touring with pianist Robert Kortgaard the 'Tis the last rose of summer' series, mostly in smaller towns in Ontario and Quebec. It's a carefully programmed recital loosely based on the theme of the rose - and this includes a wide range of Lieder, as well as some Acadian folk, the Irish traditional giving the name to the series, a chanson, and two newly commissioned pieces for the Elizabeth Bishop Legacy Recording Project.

Victoria Wood on music education

August 31, 2012


As I might have mentioned before, Victoria Wood is a goddess.