Philly goes crazy over YNS

Philly goes crazy over YNS
Yannick Nézet-Séguin Photo: Marco Borggreve
Yannick Nézet-Séguin photo by Marco Borggreve

The City of Philadelphia rolls out the red carpet for The Philadelphia Orchestra‘s new Music Director, recruits the Mayor, opens up the City Hall,  jumbotrones YNS’s conducting to a baseball game crowd, drives him around town from one reception to another in his own dedicated open-air trolley. And that’s just day one.

Which reminds me.

When was the last time our own Mayor enthused about an artist? ‘Never’ comes to mind. Would he make a fuss around a new & important international or local appointment to a Toronto orchestra or a museum? Would he throw a special press conference?

What about the Councillors? Some of them sit on boards of art organizations, many rather pro forma. Who among them take real interest in the state of the organization they’re officially overseeing? Dish, art orgs. I’ve heard that Councillor Parker has a soft spot for the TSO, but the rumour remains unconfirmed. Councillors MihevcAugimeri have been seen in or close to a theatre. Everybody’s favourite Lady of the Treasury, Mistress of Budgeting Shelley Carroll is a rare Councillor who tweets about her culture-going experiences. (She’s into indie bands, has been attending many Luminato events this year and sits in the board of the Toronto Fashion Incubator but DtO would like to see more of those rushed theatre and concert reviews and more of the gallery beat — oh, and while we’re at it, how about Toronto catching up with Vancouver and Montreal in per capita investment in arts? No? Leave it to the other guy?)

And the current slate of mayoral candidates… well…  um… yeah… It will be interesting.


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