Pieczonka in town

Pieczonka in town
Adrianne Pieczonka in LA Opera's Tosca-Photo Robert Millard
Adrianne Pieczonka in LA Opera's Tosca (2008) - Photo Robert Millard

La Splendida is in town for the summer, but not performing in Toronto. With her own Valkyrie Laura Tucker she sang a program of girl-on-trousered-girl duets which DtO (furiosissima) had to miss because it was held in a barn somewhere. DtO first read about the concert in Xtra!, which managed to get wrong just about everything regarding the history of mezzo-cum-soprano singing and the gender politics in opera. (The egregious cockup about the “The Lakmé flower duet from Madame Butterfly” is still online even after we’ve written and asked them to fix the mistake. Queer media should know their opera! But DtO can only do so much. Now pass me that fan, Susanna.)

The first concert of this sort that the two singers performed together was at the COC‘s Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre in December 2007. La Tucker was not the only one overwhelmed by emotions, let me tell ya. Few dry cheeks remained in the audience, and this had nothing to do with the pain of sitting on a hardwood surface with no back rest for more than an hour, the usual source of distress in the RB.

Pieczonka will perform one more on August 7 at the Orford Festival (NB Kent Nagano), this time da sola in a program of Schubert, Strauss, Wagner and Poulenc before heading to France for rehearsals at the Opéra national de Paris. The Holländer in which she will be Senta opens in September.


3 thoughts on “Pieczonka in town

    1. I was just about to start researching madly. We don’t see her enough in bel canto. (If at all? I can’t think of a single thing she sang that was in the early 1800s.) Apparently her next CD will be Verdi, so… one step at a time.

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