News: Trisolde, Ring, Beckett, and a black velvet dress

News: Trisolde, Ring, Beckett, and a black velvet dress

The Royal Opera House, La Scala and the Liceu livecasts coming to a Canadian cinema near you. New York-based Emerging Pictures has sub-licensed these and a few other livecasts for Canadian cinemas to Toronto-based indie distributor D Films, says Hollywood Reporter.

“It appears” that György Kurtág is working on an opera based on the play by Samuel Beckett, Endgame. Rumours also have it that Pierre Boulez is working on an opera version of Waiting for Godot.

Lepage’s Rheingold opens at the Met tonight. But you already know all about that. The performance can be seen in cinemas on October 9th, November 20th and 29th. The Met will be tweeting the red carpet arrivals (!) today starting at 6:15 pm.

The semi-staged Tristan und Isolde (Philharmonia Orchestra London, conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen, direction Peter Sellars, Violeta Urmana as Isolde, Gary Lehman as Tristan, Bill Viola‘s video art for set) with Anne Sofie von Otter as Brangäne was performed in London’s South Bank last night after the Lucerne-Dortmund-Birmingham tour. The reviews are uniformly good, but what interested me was what Brangäne wore last night. In words of my twitterfriend ProdigyThespian who is still shivering from the concert (Trisolde is his favourite work of art), von Hauteur wore “The most extraordinary long black velvet dress. Long sleeves. Hair caught in a tail.” Thanks to Inter_mezzo, who always takes good curtain call pictures, we have a wee glimpse here. There’s also a good video featurette by the Philharmonia:

2 thoughts on “News: Trisolde, Ring, Beckett, and a black velvet dress

  1. Have you heard anymore about D films? I met with a couple of their people last year to talk about how they might promote their opera related ventures but I’ve heard next to nothing since.

  2. No! I’ve met one of them many months ago, and was in touch with him via email, but since then he’s separated and working on his own. I wonder where this is at. I know we missed a number of good broadcasts. Whenever I’d ask OperainCinema on Twitter about a particular opera, they’d say “unfortunately, not this one”. It looks like the whole thing stopped functioning.

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