We interrupt this program…

We interrupt this program…

… to deliver a short message.

Pride Parade in Belgrade, 2010

After several attempts and cancellations, the Belgrade Pride Parade, only the second ever in the city, took place.  It actually did. So. No matter what you read about the rest of the day, my friend Jim Bartley summed it up best: “Successful Pride March in Belgrade today as hundreds of thugs trashed the city after cops barred them from attacking happy queers.” And another friend on the ground, Radmila Stojanovic: “Gay Pride marchers in Belgrade today walked through streets free of hate. Those who disapproved where kept far far away by cordons of police who were at the receiving end of the bricks & sticks meant for the Pride marchers.” Her photo reportage here.

Gay around the world, while we’re at it.

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  1. Michael Chance/ Jonathan Best — Purcell, Fairy Queen

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