How to properly accessorize your bike

How to properly accessorize your bike

Cycling is a love letter to one’s city. This diva knows it.

You will notice a perfectly equipped bike later in the video. Two strong lights at the front, and three red lights at  the back, I think two reflectors and one blinking. Front and back wheel fenders. The rack for the baskets is on the back wheel. The seat is waist-high (which reminds me, I should extend mine…) There’s a license plate! Well, I am jealous. We should all live in cities where cycling is taken as seriously as to involve license plates (not just online registration with the municipal police. I still have to register mine, mind…)

I’m also jealous of the bike paths in Stockholm. This is a good overview (though I wish I had the map legend for those interrupted lines. Maybe they’re their equivalent of sharrows?) This is a cycling planner, seems a City of Stockholm + Google mashup. And this is some sort of user-created idiosyncratic (and inter-city!) cycling path mashup. NB the ‘Grocery-shopping path’. Hey, I think I should make an ‘Arts and Crafts houses in Toronto’s West End’ path, or ‘Good seafood shopping path’ or ‘Cooking Indian tonight? Take this path.’ You can go wild with these things. ‘Cat’s Eye path’. ‘Post-industrial warehouse path.’

We do have Ride the City on IBikeTO, and the big map of course. There’s also a Twitter hashtag for cycling updates, #BikeTOu.


9 thoughts on “How to properly accessorize your bike

  1. I’m curious of both her front lights and all back-lights are self propelled during cycling. you know those bikes in europe COME with the screw hole on the frame to mount the dynamos. 2 yrs ago when i was in copenhagen, i saw almost all bicycles have additional flashing lights that run by magnets ( i bought a set for my bike now). you mount the magnets on the spokes, and lights at the center of the wheels.

    Oh, now that i saw it in HD, at 0.06 and 2.36, you can see the front and back dynamos mounted on the frame. Too bad the filming person didn’t zoom in more on the bike, surely he/she must know we care about our favorite singers’ bicycles!

  2. Get out! How could I have missed this! I was looking at the front lights and thought how many batteries the beasts must be eating up. Now I need to watch this again just for the dynamos.

    I am dying to get battery-independent lights! Do they remain on when you stop for the lights, though?

    [edited to add]
    I think you caught it well: it looks like she may have this! Plus additional battery front light and a couple of red reflectors in the back.

  3. holy smoke, that’s fancy!! I think the ones on hers were more the traditional ones that I’ve seen, because I can see the coils wrapping around the frame from the dynamos. So if you do see the one on video on hers as well, then all her lights were battery-less! (I wouldn’t be surprised.)

    The one I have is much less fancy, it’s this one, but the flashing version:
    Looks like now you can have non-flashing! Yes, they do stay on (at least the flashing ones) for at least 1-2 minutes after stop. So i have the battery ones for front & back plus this set (front and back). Front flashing white, back flashing red. Very good additional light source :-).

  4. I am floored, is how impressed I am. That these things exist (magnet induction light — now I know what they’re called), that they invented the new generation no-touch dynamo lights in the first place, that these can produce continuous light, not only flashing, that THEY GO ON AFTER YOU STOP… Beautiful.

    But tell me, did you get yours online or in a bike shop? I didn’t come across these anywhere.

  5. I picked it up when I was roaming in Copenhagen 2 yrs ago :-). However, at the time i also saw some bike shops in Berkeley, CA that sell them. What about this site: ? They seem to sell both the set for mounting on wheels and on seat posts. It looks like the ones on seat posts the non-flashing type “Always light on” . The set I paid was approximately $40 equivalent (or might have been 40 EUR…) but I’m very happy to have it. everyone else seems impressed with the amount of lights flashing everywhere on my bicycle 🙂 .

    I wonder, whether you can have both sets mounted. The one on wheels, there’s a requirement for how far the magnets have to be from the center of the wheel. Oh, on 2nd look at the video I sent you above, it seems the seat-post mounted ones also require a (same) fixed distance from center… too bad, would have been great to have both sets running 🙂

    Lastly, the new generation of “dynamo”, as the guy in the bike shop in Copenhagen explained to me, is now in the hub (the center part of the wheel). Some coils are running around in there… that generates powers for both front and back lights. New bicycles in Copenhagen are now equipped with such things. let me see if i can find a picture for you…

    They are part of the wheel (the guy said), so you can’t just buy them and install, but rather need to buy the wheels that have them built in. If my wheels every fail, these will be what I’ll get next 🙂

    Happy hunting for green bike lights!

  6. if you find yourself in boston, the bike shop on Massachusetts Ave between MIT and Central Square train-station has all the lights you need: magnetic induction type + dynamos 🙂

  7. Good tip.

    I’ll check all the locals first and then, well, either go online, or apply for a refugee status in Copenhagen.

    Tonight, I cycled back home in the rain along the lake via a trail that (turns out) is pitch-dark at night. My blinking lights helped not a whit, zilch, not an iota, nada; they were instead an annoyance, like a mini disco ball on your handlebar. I just rode, having no idea what I’m doing. And in between the cursing, I thought about these dynamo lights a lot.

  8. I might have an answer for why you can’t find these lights anywhere near you. Talked to a friendly bike-shop-clerk today, and he told me these lights are BANNED in the state of California! Some misinformed politicians (or CEO of wasteful batteries) deemed that these lights are harmful because of the minute “lead” content in them that might leak. If so, how do we have lead-batteries everywhere in this state I wonder… So, if Toronto has anything close to misinformed politicians, the lights might be banned there as well. banned as in selling. you can still get it somewhere else and install it yourself.

    I had to bike in pitch-dark a few times, and yes, i completely agree, the flashing lights are just downright annoying. perhaps we should just do more of it to train our brain to function in periodic glimpses 😉

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