On the program tomorrow night…

On the program tomorrow night…

Anne Sofie von Otter as Orphee, photo by Mats Backer, Kungliga Operan, Stockholm. Musik Christoph Willibald Gluck (Hector Berlioz version 1859) Text: Pierre Louis Moline efter Calzabigi, Scenografi och kostym: Marie-Louise Ekman, Ljus: Erik Berglund, Koreografiassistent: Ana Laguna, Regi och koreografi: Mats Ek

Med en vannlilje op 25:4                                                                   Edvard Grieg  (1843-1907)

I lönnens skymning , op. 37:2                                                         Wilhelm Stenhammar   (1871-1927)

Serenad op 35:3                                                                                     Lars Erik Larsson (1908-1986)

Kveld-sang for Blakken op 61:5                                                       Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)

Till kvällen op 17:6                                                                               Jean Sibelius  (1865-1957)

Jag är ett träd op. 57

I systrar, I bröder, I älskande par, Op. 86

Vilse, Op. 17

Piano Solo (to be announced from stage)                              Johannes Brahms  (1833-1897)

Juchhe!                                                                                                Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Wir wandelten

Text in German by Georg Friedrich Daumer
from: 4 Lieder op. 96 (1884) Translation to English by the Lieder heroine, Emily Ezust

We wandered

We wandered together, the two of us,
I was so quiet and you so still,
I would give much to know
What you were thinking at that moment.

What I was thinking, let it remain unuttered!
Only one thing will I say:
So lovely was all that I thought -
So heavenly and fine was it all.

The thoughts in my head
Rang like little golden bells:
So marvellously sweet and lovely
That in the world there is no other echo.

Unbewegte laue Luft

from: 8 Lieder und Gesänge op. 57 (1871). German  text by Georg Friedrich Daumer (1800-1875) translated by Emily Ezust

Motionless, tepid air

Motionless, tepid air,
Nature, deeply at rest;
Through the still garden-night
Only the fountain splashes.
But in my heart there surges
Hot desires,
And in my veins swells
Life, and a longing for life.
Should not also your breast
Be lifted by longing wishes?
Should not the cry of my soul
Reverberate deeply in yours?
Softly, with ethereal steps,
Do not tarry to float to me!
Come, oh come, so that we might
Give each other heavenly satisfaction!

Allerseelen op 10:8                                                                                              Richard Strauss  (1864-1949)

from Acht Gedichte aus “Letzte Blätter” op. 10 (1885). Poem by Hermann von Gilm zu Rosenegg (1812-1864). Translation from German by Emily Ezust.


I should name, you say, my
queen in the realm of love?
You are fools, for I know
her less than you do.

Ask me about the color of her eyes;
ask me about the sound of her voice;
ask me about her gait and posture, and how she dances;
ah, what do I know about it?

Is not the sun the source
of all life and all light?
And about this, what do
I and you and everyone know? Nothing.


Love Songs Brad Mehldau  (b. 1970)

Child, child
Did you never know
Selection of Popular Song (to be announced from stage)

— Meanwhile, last night it was Montrealers’ turn to go batty over Otter…

Grande de stature et de talent, von Otter pouvait ainsi s’imposer sur tous les plans. Voix parfaitement posée selon les interprétations, flexibilité étonnante, beau timbre, amplitude vocale : la Suédoise chante et interprète avec un réel doigté.” – Rue Frontenac

Puissance, élégance, volupté sont les épithètes qui viennent en tête à l’écoute de cette grande artiste.” – La Presse


8 thoughts on “On the program tomorrow night…

  1. I have to admit to feeling slightly weak just reading the beautiful poetry. Goodness knows how you will feel experiencing the full works. Have an amazing time and we look forward to a full and frank report 😉

  2. Sounds like you had quite the pre-Otter concert cauchemar or POCC, as it will henceforth be known.

    All your suffering will be rewarded. In the Otter we trust.

  3. Have fun DtO, I’m sure you will love it! For certain reasons I can’t wait to hear your news but I am quite positive 2011 will turn out to be a fabulous Otter vintage!

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