Housekeeping, complaining, but mostly jollity

Housekeeping, complaining, but mostly jollity

Picture me confused.

The stats report doesn’t lie: the top search engine entry that brought traffic to my blog is TA-DA… Wait, what? It can’t be. Are you sure?

the blog name.

Then I went down the eleven-page search report and the words keep reappearing with various degrees of misspelling.

And so on. I do notice when I check daily stats that there are searches on the blog name every day. So. Come out now: who among you, beloved readers, doesn’t know how to bookmark a URL? Who among you doesn’t know how to subscribe to a blog? I just want to make your life easier. Searching for the title of something you want to check every other day is not a  very efficient use of your time. I know I have a long, burdensome name. But this way you keep rewriting it every time! Just bookmark it, and you’ll be flying. That way, my top google searches will actually relate to, oh, some of the blog content. You know?

But that aside: what I actually wanted to say was Thank you for reading, dear Opera and Mezzo Lovers. Here’s the plus and minus rumination on my experience with blogging so far:

+ I continue to spend more time on other people’s blogs and other people’s writing than mine. Can’t help it. They’re all much more interesting. And every day I discover a new opera blog I need to subscribe to. I’m trying to narrow down the number of blogs I comment on down to five.

– Despite that, I still end up doing most of the talking on my own blog. Please, bella gente: talk more than I. Make me shut up. This is not my space, it’s yours. Hijack topics. Reminisce unrelatedly. Rejoice or bitch. Just as long as you out-talk me.

+ There are expansion plans. I want to introduce original reporting in some form or other – I will likely start with some sort of Q&As or interview-profiles, but I’ll see what works best. I also want to introduce guest reviewers. For example,

+ Ferrando of @OperaTweets has promised he’ll try reviewing some of the Spanish productions.

– He still hasn’t done it (Ferr? Qué pasa, hombre?)

+ If you want to contribute writing or art work, email me. My contact information is two clicks away. Go to the Who she? page and you’ll find it. I can pay you in books and classical (non-vocal) music CDs.

+ Before this blog, I never published anything without editorial review, so this was like going it without the security net. I’ve learned that the readers and other bloggers effectively are your editor: take you to task, make you clarify your thoughts, make you trim (where there’s no traffic) or expand (where there’s more than usual).

+ Personality, I’ve learned — idiosyncrasies, partial views, the roughly shaped diamond of the baroque — are everything in social media writing. It’s an entirely new kind of writing muscle.

+ Oh and did I mention: thank you.


In other news…

Attention, Toronto musicians! Why did you all decide to book your early Spring concert on the same Saturday? WTF, people?

All tonight:

The baroque hotties I Furiosi (pictured above) perform Baroque to the Future. Julia Wedman (blonde in the picture) is still away on her Grand Tour, but the three remaining furies will be joined by Tafelmusik’s harpsichordist Charlotte Nediger. Aisslinn Nosky (red flame) is performing in her new capacity as the Concertmaster with the Handel and Haydn Society in Boston in less than a week.  The official line is that her schedule with Tafelmusik will not change. Will she play less with I Furiosi this year? TBA. Tonight, I Furiosi are back to their Delisle digs, Calvin Presbyterian Church. 8pm, [$20]

The ever lovely Scaramella will play a program of the Swedish early music under the heading Fiddle Me This at UVic Chapel. 8pm. [$30-$20 students]

Katherine Hill – nyckelharpa & soprano, Ben Grossman – hurdy gurdy & percussion, Joëlle Morton – viola da gamba & double bass, Sara-Anne Churchill – harpsichord

Celebrating the parallels and relationships among three bowed instruments, the Swedish nyckelharpa, the hurdy gurdy and the viola da gamba, this Swedish programme is in part folk inspired, but also includes music associated with 17th century Queen Kristina.

Musicians in Ordinary perform a proudly Rococo! program of rarely heard works by Porro, Chabran, Merchi and (get this) Jean-Jacque Rousseau. 8pm, Heliconian Hall. [$25-15 students]

Canzonetta – Un jour sur la coudrette Pierre Porro (1750-1831)
Ariette – Voyez dans les vergers  Francesco Alberti
Romance – Au fond d’un bois Solitaire  Giacomo Merchi (1730-aft.1789)
Sonate in D Maj  Pietro Nardini (1722-1793)
La Plainte de Fabian – En vain j’adresse Porro
Pour Jeanette Merchi
La Serenade – Astre des nuits Porro
Me promeant du Logis Merchi
Quel tourment Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712–1778)
Sonate in G Major Charles Chabran (fl 1752–1785)
Le Quittance Mutuelle – Charmante Iris  Merchi
Le Saule du Malheureux – Charmant valon Porro

On top of that, The King’s Singers are performing at the RCM and Nexus Percussion Ensemble at Glenn Gould Studio.

I ask you.


11 thoughts on “Housekeeping, complaining, but mostly jollity

  1. Oh I am pleased to comment, snatch from your blog, and even bitch at times. Also excuse me if I sometimes fail to clarify my point to the last — I am still a learner when it comes to the English language.
    What sometimes keeps me from taking part in a discussion is the sheer extent of your knowledge on certain topics and the great style — it frankly can be quite intimidating, and makes me feel kind of petty when I try to comment even 😉
    Btw I even read some of your other stuff linked in your “who she” section and continue to do once in a while when I find time.
    That one is my favourite so far, for various reasons.

    And also, excuse me, when I don’t always agree exactly with a certain point of view, or feel the exact same way — I am still very, very! interested in the other’s, and pleased to change my own if I see a good point made.
    Neither any church, government, and not even Mr. Jaroussky has managed so far to make me fully, totally, and utterly agree in every point, and at all times. 😉

  2. Haha, thank you, but don’t be silly, sweets. I’m mostly rambling in the dark when it comes to music literacy. I get away with a lot because I analyze so many aspects of music apart from the pure musicological. Though New Musicology opened up an era of multidisciplinary writing about music and allowed people like me to squeeze in.

    But the thing with opera is: you never know enough, you are always humbled. (I am, at any rate). Yet, you always know enough to be swept away by it.

  3. Nyckelharpa and hurdy gurdy [sigh] the two greatest instruments ever invented. Just needs säckpipa to round out those bat-pleasing frequencies.

    I will admit that a handful of those searches were mine, but I was at work and bookmarking would be frowned upon.

  4. A-HA!

    So a handful is solved. But my paranoia continues unabated for the rest of the searches. Is it CBC lawyers? (CBC has a radio show called Definitely Not The Opera)

    Maybe it’s a computerless reader who can only access internet in the library and at work? I used to be such a reader until about 2005.

    Stray, so your vote goes to the Swedish music shindig? Good to know. I was tipping that way anyway.

  5. Oh, paranoid, … I never want to find out who put the innocent question which led him to my blog: “is claggart gay” — 2 times! I also DO hope to NEVER meet the person who searched for “drunk queen slave enjoy video”.

  6. hihi, can’t remember if i search for this blog before, but it’d be my preferred way! bookmarks are for sites you can NEVER remember and fear you’ll never find again, like a couch on some random list that you really want to buy but need to go home and measure the room first. so searching through my bookmark for this or any other blog would take more time than typing in through google search on my upper left corner of browser :-D. for the longest time i got to Purity site by searching “se vuoi pace” and Anik’s by various forms of “eye” “bag(s)”.

    I have to admit i’m also intimidated at times with the fluent language here. frankly, sometimes i have no clue vhat you guys are discussing :-). i think the “definitively” search is from germany, i have a friend who always uses this word. isn’t it great that people search for you by your website? i’ve once a search for “portable toilet” (!?) that led to my site !

    on the piling up note, i don’t understand either! i’m missing out on either Beethoven 5th or Bach Mass in B minor or Rossini’s Petite Messe for the same reason next weekend! hmm that’s a tough one to choose, but i agreed w/ Stray just because it seems you might not come across such rare performances easily (which is why i’m thinking Rossini’s mass over beethoven’s 5th…)

    1. Piling up? You are all so fortunate to have such choices. Some of us lead a vicarious existance and resentful thoughts occasionally creep in! ( I would also go for the Rossini )

  7. I got so paralyzed by choice and not a little engrossed by Maureen Forrester memoir that I stayed home tonight.

    But how is this possible: you who know so much more about IT than I are not using WP subscriptions?! There’s no way I’m googling blogs every morning — I subscribe to them through my WordPress dashboard and the updates come to me. I open the Read My Subscriptions and voila, everything comes on a nicely assorted plate. Another friend, Cecily of All Time Coloratura, reads my blog as part of her Google Reader subscriptions. People arrange their morning papers in many different ways.

    Oh, and Aisslin Nosky is going to be performing in Beethoven’s 5th! But you will hear her many other times after, I’m sure.

  8. Ah. I Furiosi shaped their style according to Matrix? Maybe, maybe. Though there’s this thing called the Leather Scene with which they seem to be flirting. Howards End is wonderful, whenever I re-watch it it’s excellent every time.

    Java-shmava. I’ll show you when you come over, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out before end of May. Just go to Manage My Subs and enter whatever blogs you love. Awfully simple, Tibby.

  9. “i’ve once a search for “portable toilet” (!?) that led to my site ! ” ….. Well, oh my… hahahahah I wonder if the person was disappointed after all. I sometimes wonder; you could make a post trying to make it an enjoyable read for the persons who obviously haven’t found what they searched for in the first place. Tempted — at times.
    Oh, and you may be right concerning the definitively — though I think I never made this particularly mistake myself. ger: definitiv — engl.: definite; whether ger: apathisch –engl: apathetic…. Nastier ones imho: ger: Adresse = eng: address; or something I never can type without thinking twice: “impassive.” For a German it sounds like the opposite of “passive” at first, which of course it is not.
    Oh, and the most annoying thing, Germans use the equivalents of “this, that, these, those” as well as posessive pronouns a good deal more. So if you are tired and the German starts to surface in your English, this is what comes up first in my experience. It makes you sound like a nit-picker, and very selfish on top of that.
    Hey, it is not ze Germanz! It is only our language 😀

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