Why? Why? WHY?

Why? Why? WHY?







14 thoughts on “Why? Why? WHY?

  1. Like a child crafts project gone wrong. In. Every. Way. Possible. Why oh why oh why oh why. To make me cry, that’s why.

    Somebody should be fired for this, friendships cancelled. ‘Alo, staff, friends, friendly onlookers, neutral observers: where the hell were you?

    I appreciate that her attitude to the business of selling fantasies can get a little pissy. (“F*ck glamourizing, I am up here.”) I can understand that a singer just wants to sing. But this is bordering on self-destructive. Running apparel would have been less distracting.

  2. Nice work, Ricardo! How far from the stage were you, how big is that hall in Porto?

    No surprise there, the review is great. She sung in Portuguese with Brazilian accent, says the reviewer. I guess that reduces the number of languages she hasn’t yet sung well in to about a handful.

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