That’s better

That’s better

Then, of course, I stumble upon this. (Thank you, dear bon-bon boy of Otter, looking every bit her regular lovely self, starts at 22:10 and comes as close as one elegantly can to saying that she and her husband are not exclusive. Actually said at one point: “As an actor, he knows that there is love on the job, but it always blows over. [ pause ] Almost.” It sounds like they found the recipe for a perfect marriage: still going strong after 20 years of separate travelling. Cue in Jacques Brel & La Chanson des vieux amants. Il fallait bien passer le temps.

(From Theater an der Wien’s recent Castor & Pollux trailer, capture courtesy of Marieke)

My ever patient readers: I promise this frock fixation and purple gossip-mongering will stop. A girl can’t always think about Adorno.


6 thoughts on “That’s better

    1. Indeed. And it somehow doesn’t matter that the same TV show had guests ranging from the band called The Dudesons, a weddings-and-funerals singer, a lad lit writer and the historian of religion Karen Armstrong sporting an awful haircut.

  1. ha! Maybe in the privacy of his own room in Frankfurt… But if he theorized frocks, I must have missed that entirely. (I haven’t even cracked open Negative Dialectics, but something tells me there’s no chapter titled “History as Text(ile)”.) There’s an apocryphal story of a female, bra-less student flashing grumpy Adorno during the riots of ’68, which he didn’t want anything to do with. The 68, that is.

    But interestingly… I am seeing Otter in Frankfurt in June. Maybe I should look for Adorno’s grave. Or his study, cleverly un-privatized and made public here.

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