Pieczonka’s Valhalla

Pieczonka’s Valhalla

The Post-led wander-around Pieczonka-Tucker red brick Victorian in the Annex…

The story

The picture gallery

edited to add:

Finally a  good picture of Laura Tucker, who will–STOP THE PRESSES–sing Orlofsky at the COC in a new production of Die Fledermaus. More on the PieczTucker (Tuczonka?) summer plans at the Indian River Festival 2011 blog.

7 thoughts on “Pieczonka’s Valhalla

  1. And isn’t it cool to see a same-sex couple coverage of this kind, you know — we’re just your regular Annexians with the same reno problems that everybody else is having… Plus, an unabashedly girly house is always worthy of a squeal.

    Yet. I can’t get rid of the feeling that letting a journalist do a piece and photo gallery of your house is ostentation. Why can’t I relax in these things? I just can’t.

  2. No, trust me, ostentation is having your zillion-dollar Connecticut trophy mansion built from scratch from the proceeds of your hedge fund, and then inviting Architectural Digest in to admire it while you’re away at your pleasure prison in Dubai.

    Victorian fixer-uppers, on the other hand, are like not for profit arts organizations: sink in a bucket load of your own time, effort, and cash, and hopefully you come out in the end with something that is worth showing off. Then start again.

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