Two ways of playing the violin

I am fascinated by the physical side of instrument-playing, by how the body incorporates this extra organ. What the music does with the body of the soloist. There is a clear distinction here between to ways of handling the instrument. The third violinist who comes in later in many ways merges the two styles.

I also have a definite preference for one of the ways, though all three violinists are marvellous: Tafalmusik’s Music Director Jeanne Lamon, and the two Tafel violinists, Julia Wedman and Geneviève Gilardeau. This clip is from the Galileo Project concert, the DVD of which I must get hold of as soon as it’s released this year.

And nice to know one’s not alone in one’s peculiar interests: a Belgian visual/media artist Manon DeBoer dealt with the instrument-playing, sound and time perception during playing in several of her videos, for instance in Robert, June 1996-Robert September 2007 (’96-o7), in Presto, Perfect Sound (2006), Two times 4’33”  (2008) etc. More information here and some of the stills here.


4 thoughts on “Two ways of playing the violin

  1. Isn’t it fabulous what happens when you remove the music stand and the dots from a performance? The communication and empathy here is super to watch and great DVD material. Can’t help wondering …
    what if these players were men?

    what if they were playing modern instruments which would necessitate a different physical involvement in hold and bow work?

  2. Yes on all counts!

    Dying to learn what they would look like if they were on modern violins and doing modern bowing.

    (Oh and if I need say: I prefer Jeanne’s involvement with the violin against cool, composed, smiley (though awfully cute) Julie)

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