Two roving opera bloggers go to the COC

It’s been an interesting weekend here. Weather miserably foggy and drizzly, but otherwise good times. THẢ DIỀU came over to watch Ariadne and Orfeo at the Canadian Opera Company, and she stayed at the DtO Manor in the Junction. On Saturday after the opera, we ended up at the Slack’s in the Village, which within minutes of our sitting down got mobbed with women and turned into a dance club. On Sunday we had a fast bike ride across the Islands and after went to the closing night screening of the Inside/Out Film Festival, which was the BBC adaptation of the The Night Watch, my favourite Sarah Waters novel.

I love the COC building, and I’m glad that Tha Dieu agreed. We also agreed that Renata Pokupić is fabulous. About many other things (relative merit of women watching at the Slack’s vs. thinking about your favourite sweet and sour soup; the Carmen staging with Kasarova and Jonas Kaufmann; cult status of the slow Diana Ross songs; getting up at 9 a.m. vs. getting up at noon; the pleasures of cycling through a busy city; what kind of awful is Renzo Martens‘s Enjoy the Poverty which we saw at the CineCycle in an alleyway off Spadina; the need for back-in-time narration in The Night Watch and many more) we productively disagreed.

COC looking stellar, and the two roving phantoms at the opera.

Being dragged all the way up to the fourth ring for a panoramic picture:


23 thoughts on “Two roving opera bloggers go to the COC

  1. I have a visiting system firmly in place now, so L’Hotel chez Lillas Pastia is open to guests.

    Each year, the Inside/Out festival asks their members and people on their mailing list to ‘billet’ their artistic guests. I considered doing that too, but I let this year pass. When I used to be more heavily into tango, I discovered that the tangueras & tangueros always billet people from out of town even if they don’t know them. Wld be nice to have such a multi-city system for the opera sisterhood.

    1. I would gladly join that system with the sisterhood sleeping in tents in my garden. Small snag though – NO OPERA HERE!

  2. I have a fold-out couch! And I think these “operatic expressions” are too good not to become a series. Also, Night Watch has just been added to my reading list.

  3. *Night Watch* is so beautifully melancholic, and there’s a lot to be said in favour of its back-in-time narration. When you’re chronicling a decline, going back in time and ending on an illusory high note is even more devastating than if you end a novel with a sad state of affairs. The film didn’t do it full justice, but at least it may guide some people toward the novel.

  4. Oops, thought I had responded to this already; sorry. Many are the beautifully melancholic novels among my list of favorites… this one sounds devastating in the best way.

    Tha Dieu, it’s in a bohemian garret in the Bronx, but it is an open couch! Will broach topic of Great Blogger Convention with the Beloved Flatmate.

    1. Lucia *heart*. Dr T actually has a place to stay already (didn’t you tell me you have a standing invite with a group of friends in NYC, Dr T?)

      I’m thinking if there’s more of us sharing the room, we could find some relatively cheap accommodation in Manhattan even. The Gershwin Hotel’s dorm rooms are affordable for groups of people, then there’s Ye Olde Carlton Arms (a little gritty, granted, but with a character), then the Harlem Flophouse in Harlem, and I always wanted to check East Village Bed and Coffee. But then I’m sure Brooklyn (not to mention Queens or the Bronx) has many other and cheaper options.

      Well, this call for blogger convetion may deserve a separate post, so why don’t I do that soon.

  5. Looks like you gals had a blast! 😀 I’m good for a billet, too, though I’m sort of out in the country a bit here in Chula Vista south of San Diego…. for the time being. Might be hopping over to St. Louis again in a few months, within a couple of hours from LOC in Chicago! 😉

    1. yes yes, i do have a couple of friends in manhattan who’d put me up, but for a moment i was getting excited about a bunch of opera lovers on the same couch :-D. i did that once with 6 friends last year, all of us descended down in the living of another friend, toured the city, and went to see Vivica Genaux. just like a convention, it’s nice to have everyone in the same place sharing late night stories and sleeping on the floor 🙂

      smorgy! i was just thinking the other day that i don’t yet have friends in the chicago area to attend LOC of chicago! sounds like great news!

      and now i look forward to seeing the official call for blogger convention!

  6. Oh, after she found a jar of Tom Yum sauce in my fridge, tha dieu made the legendary Tom Yum soup which, I hear, is your original recipe. It was excellent. Didn’t have any fish sauce, but it didn’t matter at the end.

    1. Cool thing, DtO! 😀 I must say, though, it’ll taste even a bit better with fish sauce instead of salt. I think it has to do with the fishy smell that notches it up a notch. 😉

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