My favourite Canadian girlfriends

My favourite Canadian girlfriends

Inspired by Sofi’s Canada Day list of Sexy Typewriter’s Top 14 Canadian Boyfriends, here’s my attempt at a List of Top Canadian Girlfriends. Let’s take it as a work in progress, shall we.

♥ Aisslinn Nosky, violinist

Just  go to one of her concerts and all will be clear.

♥ Adrianne Pieczonka, soprano

Most of all, because of the Puccini CD, which crushed me.

♥ Margaret MacMillan, historianBecause Paris 1919 reads like Noel Coward. Spectacular off-the-cuff public speaker, great sense of humour. Plus, reminds a bit of Vita Sackville-West.

♥ Diane Dufresne, singer/screamer/angry woman/artist

♥ k d lang

♥ Karina Gauvin, soprano

 Because of everything. Lately, the Purcell and Canteloupe CDs.

♥ Marie-Nicole Lemieux

Because of, doh–everything, but especially that long interview on France Classique. And Vivaldi alto coloraturas. And “Ne me refuse pas” CD. And and and and and and and and.

♥ Margaret Atwood, writer/sage

 Mostly because of getting it. And Cat’s Eye. And Surfacing. And feminism, but that comes under getting it.

♥ Nancy Greene, skier

♥ Patricia Rozema, film director

♥ Josey Vogels, sex columnist

♥ Regine Chassagne (Arcade Fire)

♥ Tanya Tagaq, Inuit throat singer

24 thoughts on “My favourite Canadian girlfriends

  1. Ah, Nancy Greene. She and I share a hometown (sorta)! All the little skiing-inclined girls in Rossland, BC were told we might grow up to be like her.

  2. Nancy Greene was by way of being Canada’s Sweetheart when I was very young. Alas, she went way down in my estimation a couple of years ago, with some global-warming-denialist comments.

    1. She and husband Al Raine develop and run ski resorts. Two or three years ago, someone put out a report predicting trouble for the ski industry, because of global warming. Dog bites man, etc. Of course such trouble is already upon us, depending on location.

      Anyway, Ms. Greene-Raine was asked to comment, and poured scorn on the report. The comment I heard, courtesy CBC Radio, was to the effect of “That’s ridiculous — no-one can predict the weather even a week ahead of time….”.

      Think of a skier and ski-hill operator who doesn’t understand the difference between weather and climate.

    2. Turns out this little incident was back in Dec. 2006.

      Dispiritingly, if you Google “Nancy Greene-Raine global warming,” the first ten or twenty links are to denialist blogs, Wall Street Journal editorials and the like, decrying “threats to free speech,” on the part of “climate change fundamentalists” and “dogmatists,” and even predicting “Nuremberg trials” for skeptics. Kind of stuff that gives bad taste a bad name.

    3. Blimey… The present-day Nancy Greene is a right winger. Who woulda thunk.

      Well, I suppose, free country and all.

      And I’ve befriended the occasional right winger (once or twice almost dated). It’s quite an enthnographic journey. And you can use them as an entity to brush your arguments against. “Brushing posts” they should be called.

      Though my right wingers were never of the pro-capitalist right winger sort. More like archi-conservative, Leo Strauss, decline of Civilization type guys.

  3. Ough. But it could have been an unprepared, unthought-out, irritable send-off of a reporter under deadline pressure who was looking for *any* quotes from *anybody* related to anything to do with snow…

    But yes, granted, bizarre things are uttered by celebrities. Helen Mirren, for example. So one stops taking their words seriously.

    1. Sure, and I’m not too upset about th….. Waittaminute, though. Way just a blame minute. *Helen Mirren*? That’s different. Don’t toy with my emotions, I beseech you.

  4. Oh, well at the moment I can think only of hono(u)rary Canadian Neko Case. Otherwise, lessee… Well, what about the charming and delightful Sarah Polley? Then there’s Wendy Crewson, Molly Parker, Louise Forestier… and I could go on. And on.

  5. Sarah Polley did occur to me, but nothing stirred.

    How could I have forgotten Molly Parker?! I probably thought Young Molly Parker, whereas I should have checked her recent, um, work.

    Oh, you know who else I forgot? Jully Black. Not a huge fan of her songs, but boy can she look amazing in photographs.

    And (speaking of right wingers), I always had a bit of a thing for Denise Bombardier. She was probably the only person in Quebec against legalization of same-sex marriage at the time of those debates. Ah, I get all dreamy… here she is, discussing Quebec social assistance programs:

  6. Oh, thank you Bob for inspiring me to embark on this cyber-wander. I discovered a killer video of DB getting outraged over the support DSK got from the French press. I knew she’d come through. DB COMES THROUGH (eventually). Brilliant.

  7. Shucks, ’tweren’t nuthin’. Back in babbledaze, thread drift was what I was mostly good fer. Reckoned “drift” was a transitive verb, so ’twas — as in “we drifted that thread pretty good.”

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