Catch L’Incoronazione on YT before it’s gone. Connolly is fantastic as Nerone.

Catch L’Incoronazione on YT before it’s gone. Connolly is fantastic as Nerone.

The 2009 Incoronazione with Sarah Connolly as Nerone, Maite Beaumont as Ottavia and Miah Persson as Poppea with Harry Bicket conducting (Torontonians will remember his Orfeo from this past season) has recently been posted on YT in its entirety and it’s easy to predict it won’t stay there for too long. It was first shown in July on a Catalan TV channel and simultaneously live-streamed online. Anik alerted to its transmission, but due to diligent geo-blocking of the said live-stream I didn’t manage to see it.  (And I tried all manner of proxy tricks.)

So I bump into this today, and of course first check the Nerone-Poppea duetti and for the very first time I don’t find myself thinking, “Agh, I’d rather listen to the Otter-Minkowski rendition”. Nothing’s lacking with this Nerone Connolly. Niente. Nulla.

Stage direction… well… What can I say. Another one in which Nerone and Poppea don’t sing to each other but to the audience. “Tornerai?” asks Poppea the audience. “Tornerò,” replies Nerone to the audience. But hear what they musically do with their Addios in that first duetto, and (almost) everything’s forgiven. (Including the Elena Ceauşescu costume for Ottavia’s first aria.)

The WNO-Bayerische-Liceu production starts here  but you might as well start from your favourite place. I start here:


16 thoughts on “Catch L’Incoronazione on YT before it’s gone. Connolly is fantastic as Nerone.

  1. Miah Persson! Sarah Connolly!! Monteverdi!!! If I were decided on the best way to render an inarticulate splutter in typed characters, I’d do that, so please take a splutter of inarticulate and grateful glee as read. Will be back for more spluttering after I’ve seen it. 🙂

  2. The staging is awful, it turns out. But the music and the singing are so incredible that it doesn’t matter. Also, the principals embellish really nicely, and I think credit for that goes to the conductor.

    Meanwhile, I managed to find JDD’s Ottavia from that Haim Lamenti CD, which I expected I’d like, and I do. Not too shabby.

    Roberta Invernizzi kills it in this excellent bootleg. I’ll never understand her relative obscurity. My favourite bit missing, for some reason (The very dramatic “Remigate (x3) oggi mai perverse genti // allontanatemi dagli amati lidi.” JDD makes good use of it.)

    While we’re at it, here’s “Addio, Roma” whole:

    Addio Roma,
    addio patria,
    amici addio.
    Innocente da voi partir convengo.
    Vado a patir l’esilio in pianti amari,
    navigo disperata i sordi mari.
    L’aria, che d’ora in ora
    riceverà i miei fiati,
    li porterà, per nome del cor mio,
    a veder, a baciar le patrie mura,
    ed io, staro’ solinga,
    alternando le mosse ai pianti, ai passi,
    insegnando pietade ai tronchi, e ai sassi.
    Remigate oggi mai perverse genti,
    allontanatemi dagli amati lidi.
    Ahi, sacrilego duolo,
    tu m’interdici il pianto
    mentre lascio la patria,
    né stillar una lacrima poss’io
    mentre dico ai parenti e a Roma:

  3. What, what, what is the staging doing, besides trying to give us all a headache? (Semi-rhetorical question.) On the plus side, that is the sexiest singing at the audience while standing on opposite sides of a stage or sitting on opposite sides of a couch that I have ever heard/seen. Golly. While being very impressed with Miah Persson’s voice on previous hearings, I didn’t know she could be that exciting. Sarah Connolly is–sigh–amazing.

    Thanks for the Ottavia versions, and the text! I didn’t get all of it with the Catalan (!) subtitles. Lovely to hear the DiDonato whole. I was intrigued by watching Haim’s interactions with her on the video you shared earlier, and moved to wonder what exciting things might happen if Haim were more often around to encourage more angst/fierceness/darkness (that seemed to be the gist of what was going on, no?) Ashamed to say I only know of Invernizzi vaguely, given quality of that!

  4. The rest of the cast is quite an assembly, too, I see. (Chris Cooper, Giancarlo Giannini, Ronnie Barker…Ronnie Barker?!) Okay will have to hunt this down.

  5. Just to bump in… Connolly is always great — I adore her. I have to catch up on the Incoronazione again in general (haven’t listened to it on the whole for ten years now or something and haven’t even found time to listen to all snippets from the Jaroussky version yet.) Too little time, too much real life…Haven’t got speakers atm (as usual) but Vickers — why not. I love individual voices, not necessarily “Baroque” or “Renaissance” ones.

    I will catch up on your blognotes as soon as I’ll find a little more time again, hopefully, and add something more substantial.

    The best voices in baroque (apart from my personal crushes (like Connolly, Jaroussky…) in my estimate are… Bergonzi!…

    …and Tomlinson singing the Messiah. Vickers is like… I totally understand why some don’t like him. I do, but not in everything he does.

    To finish it off, just a bit of almost-shirtlezz Vickers… (I laughed)

  6. Thanks for the link to the Poppea.

    So far am enjoying.
    But the costuming! Oy vey. I guess those shoes are what the classical French theatre called “cothurnes.” To actually have to move around stage in them. ….

    Maybe I will learn a bit of Catalan from the titles.

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