Watch BerlinPhil with the Qobuz gift voucher

Watch BerlinPhil with the Qobuz gift voucher

The good folk of  Qobuz have worked out a spiffy gift voucher for their listeners for the BerlinPhil’s Digital Hall.

Say you want to watch the concert tomorrow Saturday December 17 (Janáček  and Mahler, c. Rattle, singers von Otter, Skelton, Finley).

Go to this page.

Enter this code into the voucher space: QBZ798

Follow the instructions. If you’re not logged on, the system will ask you to do so. If you don’t have an account at the BerlinPhil, you will be asked to make one. It takes a minute.

Log on with your new/old account, and you’re in. Your ticket is valid for 48 hours from the time you watch your first thing. If you start tomorrow at 2pm EST (when the above concert starts), you can return to the BerlinPhil archives and watch anything you like there until Monday 2pm.

If you’re German-challenged, like, ahem, me, go to the usual place for the original text and the translations of Das Lied von der Erde.

Any talk of the Erde Lied can’t pass without a mention of Christa Ludwig. So.

See you tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “Watch BerlinPhil with the Qobuz gift voucher

  1. Mein Gott, I thought they were starting with Janacek! Cooking plans dropped.

    She’s wearing the Blue Velvet, gorgeousity rules!

    Edited to add:

    Doh, yes they’re starting with Janacek. OK, I’m conscious again.

      1. My on-the-fly comprehension is pretty godawful these days, but mostly she was talking about Das Lied being a collaborative effort, which, when it comes together, is a really powerful experience. And she includes the audience in that collaboration, she can tell when they’re not quite “there”, but it’s so much better when they are. She talks about coming to Mahler late, because when she was growing up her parents only had records of Kindertotenlieder and Das Lied, and she found those pieces unsettling. Then later hearing Rückert Lieder with Christa Ludwig and the 5th (the adagietto = “unglaublich”) were the game-changers. She talks about the orchestral colors in Das Lied, and Mahler’s specificity, the multitudinous instructions in the score, but that it all makes sense and that she tries to follow carefully what he wrote.

        Then fanboy (is he 2nd oboe?) asks about future projects and I think she said Berg songs with Abbado (sorry I got distracted). Then fanboy remarks that a lot of singers have a vocal color that makes them immediately recognizable, but that she has a lot of different colors and they change. She says that some people like a singer to sound the same all the time, lovely in everything, but that she doesn’t find that interesting, and that she tries to be like an actor with the voice.

        Okay, that’s my less than elegant thumbnail. I’ve missed some stuff out, and probably got some of it wrong, so corrections and elaborations welcome.

        1. Danke schoen. I thought I heard that about Ludwig and Karajan’s 5th. In one earlier interview she said that the adagietto had made her cry uncontrollably.

          Did they say anything about the text? (Yeah, he’s second oboe, I kept noticing him shootin’ the breeze during the Abschied)

          1. Just listened to the interview (I’m keeping the concert for a bit later – btw the Qobuz voucher is good anytime). My German is approximate but I really enjoyed the energy she had, the happiness and excitement that was emerging from her comments. I guess that as she pointed out herself, it is a tremendous experience to sing Mahler with the Berlin Phil. 🙂 Can’t wait for the concert now !

    1. Were they? I wasn’t following text or score. The transmission did get pretty dodgy in Abschied, but the end was okay here. I have to say the sound was great, even over a computer on cheap headphones. Wish the Met could get their mics.

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