The Otter News, Evening Edition

The Otter News, Evening Edition

So Toronto International Film Festival announced at a presser today some of its programming for this year.

It turns out that the long-awaited A Late Quartet (which readers of the Otter Papers will remember being discussed way back when) will  finally see light of day — at TIFF in September. Will von Otter’s role still be in? The IMDB still lists her as one of the cast. As soon as TIFF gets out their detailed program in print and as web pages, I will report.

A Late Quartet is not to be mistaken for Quartet, based on Ronald Harwood’s play, directed by Dustin Hoffman, UK-filmed and full of fantabulous British actors playing retired opera singers. Among whom is Maggie Smith. That film – and Maggie Smith – will also be in town for TIFF in September. By now you will have all seen the trailer.

[I will have to wait patiently and see if Haneke’s latest and full of music film Amour will be screened too. Come on. It must.  Ozon  and Cantet are bringing new films to TIFF. Haneke can’t not. ]

But back to Otter News… ASvO returns to Baroque with her latest CD with Cappella Mediterranea @ Naive, Il Sogno Barocco. The digital version of the album can already be purchased at Qobuz, and also sampled. The disc version is out in September. I needn’t say more than that there are Monteverdi duos with Sandrine Piau on the tracklist.

Another Otter CD appeared in the meantime, with a niche label–A Summer’s Day, collection of Swedish Romantic songs with Bengt Forsberg at the piano. Snippety snippets here.

And a reminder! There’s merely 1.5 days left to re-watch favourite bits from the intriguing Giulio Cesare production from Salzburg over on ArteLive.

Finally, for some mezzo-to-mezzo respect, head to WSJ.

“Cornelia is “a new widow,” says Ms. von Otter, “and she has a couple of sad arias. I thought, ‘This is not for me.’ But when Cecilia Bartoli calls, you sit up straight.” Ms. Bartoli “is such a phenomenon—the way she works and sings—and she is a nice person. So I said, ‘Of course.’ “

The Swedish Roots of a Global Talent

Photo by Ewa-Marie Rundquist

6 thoughts on “The Otter News, Evening Edition

  1. Boy am I glad Ms. von Otter has so much respect for Ms. Bartoli. Her Cornelia is wonderful to behold and to hear. I keep replaying the duet “Son nata lagrima.” I do hope someone issues that performance on DVD.

    1. Totally in agreement with your comment about their “Son nata a lagrimar”. Extraordinary singing – or fusing (for a better word…). Their simultaneous entry at the recap is ethereal. A bit surprised about AsvO and Bartoli relationship as they seem to me so far away musically…

  2. Second the call for Plausible Speculations: the DTO Special. It appears that I’ve been getting my “quartet” films confused, but will take this as a double bounty! Bountifulness on the CD front also good news. I am impatiently waiting for the Haneke release.

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