‘Hannah Arendt’ is brilliant

Margarethe von Trotta’s latest, Hannah Arendt, is complex, smart as hell, ethically discerning, politically brave, unique (I can’t think of another good film about a philosopher or about the drama of thinking), sexy (and it makes theory sexy), and feminist to boot. Words fail just now, there are too many of all sorts, but maybe later I’ll be able to curate them and more will be said.

Margarethe von Trotta flanked by (to her right) co-screenplay writer Pam Katz and TIFF programmer Cameron Bailey, and to the left Barbara Sukowa (who played Arendt in the film) and main producer whose name I rudely forgot.


4 thoughts on “‘Hannah Arendt’ is brilliant

  1. Much rejoicing! I hope you do get to hear her speak… she was supposed to give a talk at the pre-release screening of the Hildegard film I attended a couple of years ago, but that Icelandic volcano got in the way. :/ Will be on the look out for “Hannah Arendt” showings here.

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