Laurence, Always

Excuse me a moment while I worship Laurence Equilbey.

Laurence Laurence 1

THE SHIRT.  Should have its own Twitter account.
Laurence Laurence 2

Laurence Laurence 3

The Mass in C minor, for everything.

The first documentary on this list, for the Gremlin-looking doggie

Her tongue-in-cheek yet serious presidential platform (NB: “l’onglet” is a website tab)

This delightful long interview on things musical (one highlight: her techno name is Iko)

My new desktop background
Laurence Laurence 4

14 thoughts on “Laurence, Always

  1. Think that dog is really a hamster. But you’re right about the shirt. And thanks for posting the Mozart, that was pretty spiff!

  2. Honestly! The little one looks like a mix of Gremlin, hamster and bat. The breed is called Chihuahua teacup.

    Here’s an insanely cute video, though, of her dog in all its diva-ness (starts half-way)

    As for that Mozart, I’m now a junkie of that recording. It’s sad, what’s come to. I watch it several times every day. It’s cutting into my sleep hours.

  3. hahaha that presidential platform is truly fantastique, and the ending rocks. wish i could fully understand it though, maybe i join the campaign on fb to see full translation somewhere… didn’t get her measure#1 at all… and the 4th is also quite a blur… need to sharpen my french

  4. The first one is about removing the gender-specific “First Lady of the Republic” tab on the official website of the President. Along the lines of “Why not try something that does not presume a man will always be a president… or rather remove the tab altogether.” I checked whether it still exists, and luckily, it’s gone.

    On first listening, I thought instead of “l’onglet” I thought she was saying “l’Anglais”… The fog cleared out, though.

    The last one has to do with the relation between the arts funding bodies of France and the artists they fund. I sort of tuned out there a bit. I should relisten it, I’m sure it’s interesting.

    [edited to add] The word La Dame / Lady has patriarchal connotations just about everywhere except in the US, where it’s a legit part of the presidential system. So I think she objects to it for that reason. Though the word is also acceptable in the UK as an actual title — I think a wife of an Earl is automatically a Lady. En tout cas… to call somebody a lady these days is a wee patronizing. Though one hears it a lot, still.

  5. Smart, funny, talented and with the finest collection of white shirts this side of Salzburg. We can forgive the weird looking dog I think.

        1. And now I can’t stop watching that Une journee avec L. E. documentary. Full of treasures. The scene when she picks up her coat from the steaming, and the one in the gallery, where she hangs out sort of boyishly and tells jokes… Or the ayayayay at the rehearsal… And the last scene in the elevator.

          “Les gens ont l’air de l’avoir aimé. Ça c’est chouette. Tant mieux.”

          *falls head over heels*

          1. Well wouldn’t the ups and downs in the life of a nomadic charmingly boyish conductor make an interesting novel… 😉
            BTW Keep meaning to ask when is your book going to be avail in UK (your publisher’s postage rates are pretty steep for the UK)?

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