Trouser Roles for Beginners

Trouser Roles for Beginners

If you had to introduce somebody to the breeches roles, what would your top five videos be?

You don’t want to overburden  the newbie with too much homework, just intrigue them enough, but also feed them some substance.

Here’s my attempt. The Brockton Writers Series asks its writers to do up a post teaser in advance of their readings. So I did a Trouser Roles Primer.




3 thoughts on “Trouser Roles for Beginners

  1. hey!

    i can’t believe i didn’t have your book already

    i just bought it on Kindle – it’ll be great on my flight to Winnipeg next week for the next Picture of Happiness shows with Brad Hampton – i’m looking forward to reading it, the stuff about it on Amazon is really encouraging


      1. I’m glad they did, it’s a really good interview.

        The political discussions that take place in the book were a lot for an outsider to absorb, but seemed kind of key to the Toronto-ness of the story, as much as the discussions of city architecture. (And, fair warning, you have set yourself up to be asked for a tour at some point.) So now I’ve got the scope, it has gone to my To Be Read Again stack.

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