The harvest is past, the summer is ended


Some recap is due.

Back in March, I interviewed French conductor Laurence Equilbey. The two pieces that resulted from that encounter are finally both published: they differ greatly, one being the Q&A for the more literary and younger crowd of The Believer logger [HERE], and the other, for North American classical music-listening type readership, is in print only in Listen magazine. Since I’m wildly impressed with the layout — why doesn’t online publication design ever look like this? — I have, don’t tell my editor, posted the PDF of the profile on my portfolio HERE. There’s tons of other interesting stuff in Listen fall issue, all equally well designed. As for The Believer, I have been a fan for years, especially of the way they’re pushing the interview form in new directions, and am glad that they’re expanding online and well beyond literary arts. They don’t do classical music at all, except for the odd online exception (there’s an interview with Nico Muhly somewhere in their archives, and I think that’s it) so I am extraordinarily pleased that my two editors found this interesting.

So that’s that.

As there was no opera during summer in our small town, I covered various other things for Xtra [for example] and now that the opening nights of the Season 13/14 at the COC are in sight, I am working on a fall plan of things operatic to write about in a queerly manner. I think I’ll continue the silly intros to operas that I started at Xtra in the previous season, and since it’s Peter Grimes that opens in October, and the COC is throwing a slew of interesting ancillary Grimes events this year, some Britten stuff will have to be pitched to my new arts editor at there who happens to be an opera virgin. We’ll see.

Another thing that’s happening in October is the all-female Julius Cesar in Brooklyn. I wish I can make this one. I wish all my favourite American bloggers see this so I can read A LOT about it. I have a weird grid of obligations throughout October, and you can’t just fly to NYC on a whim — takes booking many things way in advance.

I also read that Brigitte Fassbaender will direct a new production of Ariadne in Frankfurt in October. Luckily, our man in Havana will probably cover it.

What else… Oh yes: TIFF 2013 has come and (almost) gone. I saw a couple of things, Martin Provost’s excellent film on Violette Leduc, and the latest by Catherine Breillat and Gianni Amelio. Blue is the Warmest Colour should be playing in the cinema near you soon, so I’ll see that eventually (both nights were off sale at TIFF). Hollywood’s latest take on Don Giovanni, Don Jon (the trailer of which I discussed with some of you on Twitter recently), also premiered.

C’est ça for now, but before I sign off, you have to see the Violette trailer, and how perfect Sandrine Kiberlain is as Simone de Beauvoir.


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