Talisker Players and the City of the Mind – Bonus Material

Talisker Players and the City of the Mind – Bonus Material

Talisker PlayersThere’s a little thing that I wrote about Erin Bardua & Vicki St. Pierre’s upcoming performance with Talisker Players (pictured above) in Daily Xtra today: CLICK. I was only given 500 words, so this questionnaire alas did not make it:


Erin Bardua

Victoria, BC I miss a lot of things about it and always dream about going back. It’s beautiful, the weather’s great, people are casual and friendly, and wonderful music is being made there. Plus, it’s where I started my serious musical education, so I love it for the memories and opportunities I had.

Paris I mean… IT’S PARIS.

New York Since I’m thinking about this programme, New York City is the city-est place I can think of. I’ve visited a few times, and travelled there as a student doing auditions, and even on a student budget it’s a blast.

Vicki St Pierre

Paris (I’ve been told that if I don’t write this as my number one choice, I’m getting a divorce) Because my wife and I went there on our honeymoon in 2009. It’s a gorgeous, vibrant city, full of art and culture and fantastic food.

Sendai, Japan I met some extremely interesting people and enjoyed the city and surrounding areas very much. Sadly, much of it was destroyed in the earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

Fredericton, NB I spent many summers of my childhood with my grandparents and extended family in Fredericton. The warmth of the east coasters and the beauty of the scenery are unrivalled. The drive from Edmundston to Fredericton through the St. John river valley is, in my mind, the most beautiful drive in the world.


Erin Bardua

I’m picturing something like Ravel’s Bolero, but with layers upon layers of distinct material from every part of the world and every walk of life. It would probably end up sounding like an insane gamelan orchestra.

Vicki St. Pierre

A big Vaudeville show, chock-full of variety — from gaudy, raunchy numbers about sex and the seedy side of life, to poignant, touching numbers about love and pain and hope and community. And a puppet. There should always be a puppet.

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