Things you learn from the program inserts

Things you learn from the program inserts

The program for last night’s New Creations Festival contained a few inserts, so here’s what I gleaned:

Brian Current’s opera Airline Icarus will be staged by Tim Albery and performed June 3-8 in to me a completely new venue, the Ada Slaight Hall in the Regent Park area. This is programmed by the Soundstreams, so tickets can be obtained here. And here’s Current talking about the work (which has been shown at various places internationally and is now finally seeing a fully staged Toronto version):

While we’re on the topic of Soundstreams: they created this interesting composing hub,, where you can download samples of music that they commissioned, mash them up in any which way and upload them to the site. The archives contain some nifty samples by the young composers like Caitlin Smith and John Kameel Farah, and an intriguing redo of an Ana Sokolovic piece by Rob Teehan.

* *

Further in the contemporary music department, the RCM is launching its own all-contemporary music festival this month. It doesn’t have its own sub-website, but you can see the yellow nights wedged in to their calendar grid here. Lots of world premieres and Canadian premieres on the program, including a semi-staged work by Dutch composer Louis Andriessen for chamber ensemble, video and mezzo-soprano (Wallis Giunta), based on the diary of Anaïs Nin (May 22); a work by American composer Jennifer Higdon based on a Whitman poem to be performed by Pacifica Quartet and baritone Joshua Hopkins (May 24); and Marc-André Hamelin playing the 70min of Morton Feldman’For Bunita Marcus (May 25).

* *

–>ALSO! Essential Opera is crowd-funding the triple bill entirely consisting of new creations (and look at how impressively women-heavy the list of creators is). How to donate, and the range of contribution levels over here.


6 thoughts on “Things you learn from the program inserts

  1. Good news! I think the Ada Slaight makes a lot of sense as a venue for new work. It doesn’t have the stage handling capability of a Four Seasons Centre but it’s a sensible size (maybe 500 seats) and has decent sightlines and acoustics.

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