The Chorus

The Chorus

The Spring issue of Opera Canada should be out on the newsstands any minute, and in it the chorus cover story that I’ve been working on. (AND MANY OTHER GOOD ARTICLES) For those of you not in Canada–and that means most of you, the readers of my blog–I made the PDF of the article available for 48 hours over on my writing portfolio. (I hope my wonderful editor WG is not reading this.)

I realize I haven’t posted a word about my recent trip to Paris, where I saw the Christie/Carsen Platee at Opera-Comique (Rameau doesn’t get better performed than that) and most importantly got to hear and meet up with my favourite conductor Laurence Equilbey… I hope to string a few words about those days eventually.

Meanwhile I find it impossible to tear myself away from Christa Ludwig singing Der Abschied (dir. Klemperer). Been doing some research on the contraltos Maureen Forrester and Portia White for a music exhibition in Alberta, so the Mo Forrester-Mahler roads led me round and back to Ludwig. That damn thing is on Rdio repeat for days. Every waking hour, feels like it. Send cure, post haste. Or better, don’t?



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