Ariodante at the Aix-en-Provence is a COC co-prod

ARIODANTEI didn’t notice on the Aix Festival website page that the Richard Jones Ariodante is a COC co-production! Thanks go to Opera Traveller for the tip at the bottom of his review (Nov-Oct 2016, he sez).

Let the imaginary casting begin. Gods, let it please not be a counter-tenor in the title role (or Polinesso, hey).

Ariodante is available to watch on demand on CultureBox until Jan 2015




26 thoughts on “Ariodante at the Aix-en-Provence is a COC co-prod

  1. I noticed that too. Answers the question perhaps of where’s the pre 19th century piece in 2015/16.

    I guess casting will depend on whether they want to headline with an international star. If they do then Connolly would be an obvious choice. I quite like CT Polinessos and Lawrence Zazzo would work. Alyson McHardy might be a mezzo choice.

    Ginevra would be an opportunity to use Karina Gauvin who surely ought to be seen at COC. Dalinda will likely go to a young ex ES member. Mireille Asselin would be an obvious choice.

    You don’t need big names for the male voice roles. I’d guess someone like Alain Coulombe as the king and take your pick of the house tenors; McAusland, Barrett, Pomeroy, even Williford would work.

  2. Or they may go for Susan Graham, which would not be my first (or second or third) choice, but she has the name recognition. She did sing Xerxes just a couple of years ago in SanFran I believe.

    I’d like to see a proper contralto as Polinesso. A Lemieux might work, but also perhaps some of the young people, like Heather Flemming, or people like Delphine Galou (a girl can dream).

    You don’t need big names for the male roles, but you need impeccable coloratura and knowledge of the baroque style, so… I don’t expect young’uns in the male roles. We shall see.

      1. Oh good.

        Apart from Sarah, I think Anna Bonitatibus would be good in this (and she has a Canadian boyfriend!), and a bunch of new young mezzos coming up, Marianne Crebassa type people.

        Maybe they’ll go for JDiddy! I wouldn’t mind that at all.

        Edited to add: Ann Hallenberg would be perfect vocally, but she is not likely to be cast in a pants role these days unfortunately.

  3. Hilarious. On the mobile version of this post the comment lines get shorter and shorter until there are maybe three characters per line! It’s fun to speculate on casting. My preference is for a mezzo in these virtuosic Handel pants roles. Just prefer the options they have for vocal colour. First time I’ve seen JDD referred to as JDiddy! Suits her given how she’s the current rock star of opera. Don’t know this opera other than a couple isolated arias but agree that if the tenor part has coloratura you need an excellent technician. Michael Colvin was excellent in his single Idomeneo a few seasons back and I remember in Tancredi his runs were mighty impressive!

      1. I don’t really understand fandom. Joyce is a very good singer and so is Jonas Kauffman but so are many others who don’t get the rockstar treatment. I think it must be some kind of herd mentality thing.

        1. Was either of you at the Peter Stein interview that Alexander facilitated at Tiff the other month? Stein actually called Jonas an “arsehole”. He was dissing the whole star system in opera, and mentioned JK as one of the people who are perpetuating it today. Neef didn’t know where to look, the audience was all “DID HE JUST SAY THAT”, it was a hilarious moment.

          1. Omg how did I miss that? I vaguely remember hearing about the talk bug it wasn’t well publicized. What a grand moment that must have been! Stein is an interesting case. Wasn’t he considered somewhat avant garde at one point? But his recent Don Carlos for Salzburg (?) was trounced for its conservatism. Or am I confusing him with someone else?

            1. Yes, I think Alexander chose to showcase the clips from PS’s best few productions. He was a very interesting case: made a few conservative noises and some very reasonable noises too. Big mouth, for sure.

        2. Have to say, though, JDD manages fan outreach brilliantly, and in a completely non-rockstar way, which has paradoxically put her in the rockstar zone.

          1. Totally agree. Her video blogs (vlogs) are great and they in no way dumb down opera or singing. She uses the language that singers and singing teachers use when speaking about their art. I think the fact that she takes her fans and audience seriously is what makes her so appealing. People want this stuff – not another fluff piece of the “oh I’m just a normal woman who likes walks on the beach” [well, maybe she does, but you get what I mean].

      1. I got so confused! Read Jones vs Jonas! Gosh •Jonas• has such a squeaky reputation can’t imagine he’s an arse!

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