Politics. Music. Bacon.

Politics. Music. Bacon.

A number of things on my calendar over the next three weeks:

Ubu Mayor: A Harmfu Bit of Fun, a play with music written and directed by Adam Seelig, is being performed at the Artscape Wychwood Barn Sep 12-21. It tackles (uhm) our current ruling mayoral bottom-of-the-barrel dynasty via the absurdist theatre of Alfred Jarry. I wanted to see somebody do the Ubu treatment of Ro and Do Fo since the two rambled onto the political scene, and now I finally have the pleasure. The live band consists of bass, drums and piano, tickets $20-25. All the info you need here.

Ubu Mayor poster+

A program of Schoenberg, Ravel and Berg tomorrow Sep 14 only at the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, with the Canzona Chamber Players and the KiWa Chamber Music Society, Rachel Krehm singing. No social media advertising anywhere, the Canzona website not updated, so I swiped this add (originally spotted in the print issue of The Wholenote) from Jonathan Krehm’s personal Facebook page:

Canzona-KW-PierrotThe snipped off bottom reads: Yosuke Kawasaki violin/viola, Wolfram Koessel cello, Vadim Serebryani piano, Amelia Lyon flutes, Rachel Krehm voice, Jonathan Krehm clarinets.


Tafelmusik opens a very intriguing season on Sep 18 at the Koerner Hall. Why intriguing — it’s the season that’s also the search for the new music director, and many of the musicians we’ll see guest-conduct and perform with the orchestra are being considered for the position, I’ve been told in a tweet. First off is the violinist Rodolfo Richter in a program of Vivaldi, Handel, Corelli, Heinichen and Telemann. All the info. Through Sep 21.


The Opera 5 do the Offenbach/Hahn Ba-ta-clan/L’île du rêve do on Sep 19-21st at the Alliance. It looks good.


On Sep 27, Essential Opera performing Gluck’s Paride ed Elena with mezzo Lyndsay Promane in the role of Paris, and Erin Bardua, Maureen Batt, Julie Ludwig and Emily Klassen making up the rest of the cast. Vicki St Pierre (with Wesley Shen) in charge of music direction. All the info.



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