COC and the season announcement teasers

COC and the season announcement teasers

The COC is leaving a trail of teasers on Twitter ahead of its season announcement presser on Wednesday, January 14.

Before I proceed to the teasers, some sleuthing. The new SFO Norma last fall with Radvan and Jamie Barton was a COC co-production (also Liceu and Chicago). Are we to expect it next season? Might happen. Director is Kevin Newbury and the concepts looks traditional minimalist-cum-diva vehicle.

Now, roll out the Twitter clues.


My guess: an olden Carmen, with Joel Ivany as the revival director.


This one’s easy: Girard will direct revival of his own Siegfried.


Could this be a revival of Le nozze? I can’t imagine a season without Mozart, so this could be the season’s Mozart. Perhaps to be conducted by Harry Bicket? It would be ideal to see a new production here–maybe Fiona Shaw’s ENO Nozze, given that the COC co-produces frequently with the ENO? The ENO page describes it as its own new production, but rentals are always possible, eh?

Bicket could also have been invited for a Handel piece or (please no) Gluck. It won’t be the Aix Ariodante–Toronto gets it in a couple of seasons.

The COC was planning on renewing Lepage’s Nightingale one of these seasons, but not sure if they’d do it this close to their BAM outing, which felt like a mini-revival, if only stateside. There’s also their co-production of Arabella, which premiered at The Santa Fe Opera in 2012 with Erin Wall as a possibility.

I also can’t image a season without Verdi. What could it be that we haven’t seen over the last few years–La Traviata, maybe? John of Opera Ramblings is almost sure it will be.

What I’m actually curious about the most is the adventurous new director or two that Alexander Neef might bring in this season. Knowing his audience, he introduces them cautiously, about one or two per season, usually in Mozart or Verdi. Also curious about the conductors. (Who invites them, Johannes or Alexander, anybody know?) Johannes Debus usually conducts a couple of operas himself each season, then there are usually two or three Old Skool American or Canadian dudes, and the remainder, is my impression, come from the new and middle generation of European conductors, like the German Michael Hofstetter, for example this season in Don Giovanni, or Pablo Heras-Casado (who conducted Nixon in China, if memory serves) or the young Israeli conductor Daniel Cohen who stepped in to conduct La Clemenza two years ago. It’s people from this group that I hope to see more frequently in the COC pit. The group will perhaps even include some women eventually, fingers crossed.

Canadian Opera Company’s 2015/16 season announcement will take place at the FSC on January 14th at 6:30.


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